[Cydia]NoClose - Closing Apps That Are Currently Playing Media

There are times when you close all the running apps from the App Switcher including the one that is currently playing a song in the background. This stops the song from being played thereby forcing you to open the app again and start from the place it was stopped. NoClose is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to fix this issue by preventing you from accidentally closing apps that are playing media in the background. Many of us have been in this situation and it can be frustrating to open that app and start all over again.

[Video] 25 best cydia tweak for iOS 9

Check out the video below, which was created by YouTuber iCrackUriDevice and runs through 25 of the best jailbreak tweaks out there.

20 tips and tricks useful for iPhone

Hopefully after going through this list you’ll learn a few things to make the most out of your device.

Brushes Redux - Best free iOS painting app

Brushes Redux is a free art app that will work well for drawing, creative layering over photos, collages, or just posters in general. The app sadly keeled over but became open source and now Brushes Redux brings the app to modern devices. It’s still simple and usable but also powerful, and boasts one of the best super-fast brush creation tools you’re ever likely to see.

How to update OTA iOS 10 beta 2 for iPhone from iOS 8 and iOS 9 (without developer account)

Apple released iOS update 10 beta 2 for developers and Public Beta for users, now you can update via OTA. If you do not want to wait for the final release, you can update OTA 10 iOS beta 2 this way.