Download great apps for New iPad 2012 (Retina Display support)

Apple announced the new iPad and already we are seeing a decent number of apps optimized for the Retina resolution. In fact, Apple has even created a new category within iTunes that highlight these new apps optimized for the new iPad.
Here are some of the apps that sport the Retina resolution that you can download as soon as you get your hands on the new iPad.
  •     Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy
  •     Tweetbot
  •     Flight Control Rocket
  •     NYTimes for iPad
  •     Readability
  •     Sketchbook Pro for iPad
  •     Infinity Blade II
  •     StockTouch
  •     Mass Effect Infiltrator
  •     The Early Edition 2
  •     Real Racing 2 HD
  •     Reader for iPad
  •     Evernote
  •     ABC Player
  •     Labyrinth 2 HD
  •     Calcbot

Before downloading, make sure the description says that the app has been updated for the new iPad, even if it is in the dedicated section for the new iPad because there were a few apps there that did not have Retina resolution.

To download these apps, click here.


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