Download Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note

The i717 ROM for the AT&T Galaxy Note has just entered the wild via RootzWiki, and although Samsung has already revealed a Q2 release bracket, it seems consumers aren’t going to have to wait until early summer for their complimentary (and let’s face it, long overdue) Ice Cream Sandwich. According to different sources, the Release Candidate version – almost final – is being tested internally as we speak, suggesting a public, OTA release to the end-user is no more than a couple of weeks away.
Room features
    Face Unlock is fully functional
    LTE connections are solid and up to speed
    Phone calls work great both ways
    Audio quality is up to par
    Stereo Bluetooth is fully functional
    MMS is fully functional
    GPS is fully functional
    Google Talk and Video Chat work
    Google Voice is fully functional
    Task Manager is smooth and transitions are quick
    Downloaded Flash video and in-browser video works flawlessly
    Chrome autosync is fully functional
    AT&T Hotspot functionality works, external devices connect fine
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