Download CyanogenMod 9 for HTC One X

CyanogenMod 9 takes a while to connect to 3G, it also doesn’t support camera or Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, and the developers have re-calibrated the buttons on the HTC One X enabling multitasking button to play the part of the menu button. Download CyanogenMod 9for HTC One X after break.

Download through this link

How to install ROM CyanogenMod 9 for HTC One X

Step 1: Connect your HTC One X to your computer via USB.
Step 2: Shut down your device, and once you’ve completely turned it off, press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons to boot into recovery.
Step 3: Open up a terminal app and type in the following command:
fastboot flash boot boot.img
boot.img will have been extracted from your .zip file in Step 1. After that, CWM will have been flashed onto your device.
Step 4: From there, simply reboot and enjoy CyanogenMod 9 on your device!

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