Download Samsung Galaxy S3 Addon including TouchwizUX for Galaxy Nexus

The mod pack includes a great deal of Galaxy S III loveliness, including the Galaxy S III launcher as well as themed UI elements. The bundle, which also includes S Voice, is thought to be only compatible with CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies but apparently, it’s working on most of the recent nightlies, so which ever day / version you’re on shouldn’t make much difference.

The pack will make your Galaxy Nexus look and feel much like the Galaxy S III, although we’re sincerely hoping that once the consumer gets a few moments to play with the new device, it doesn’t turn out to be as disappointing as the Google-branded smartphone of yester-year.

This Addon Pack is meant to bring Galaxy S3 feeling to Googles Galaxy Nexus. We are going to add as much as possible from Samsungs Galaxy S3, so we will end up inspired by nature and made for… robot

Galaxy S/S+/Nexus S: TWICS-CM9-Nightly-Addon 1.3
TWICS-AOKP-Addon-i9000 1.3
Galaxy Nexus: Nexus_S3_TWICS_Addon
Via: Xda-developers

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