How to setup Quick Settings on Android 4.2 to All Android Version

In the the 4.2 update to Jelly Bean, Google brought a very useful feature to stock Android that has been available in several custom ROMs for quite a while now: quick settings controls in the notification shade. You can access 16 different settings including WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound, Vibrate, Auto-Brightness, Auto Rotation, Screen Stay On, Sound Effect, Haptic Feedback, Dial Tone, Screen Timeout, Ringtone, Volume, Ring Mode, and Brightness Level. Many of these are toggles, while others bring up the control interface for that feature. For toggles, you also get an indication on whether the feature is currently enabled or disabled.
You can download and install this app (Quick Setting Android 4.2 for Android 2.2+)

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The Android 4.2 Quick Settings pull down is a cheap and nasty ripoff of the Quick Settings and Quicker Android apps both of which do a vastly better job ...

Whoever is responsible for this nasty abortion needs a new job more suited to their absolute lack of talent!

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