[Cydia]NoClose - Closing Apps That Are Currently Playing Media

There are times when you close all the running apps from the App Switcher including the one that is currently playing a song in the background. This stops the song from being played thereby forcing you to open the app again and start from the place it was stopped. NoClose is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to fix this issue by preventing you from accidentally closing apps that are playing media in the background. Many of us have been in this situation and it can be frustrating to open that app and start all over again.

NoClose works by displaying a confirmation message every time you attempt to close an app that is playing media in the background. If you do so, the tweak displays an alert to inform you that the app is playing media. You have the option to either continue with closing the app, or rectify your mistake and keep the app running in the background.

The tweak doesn’t come with any additional settings so once you’ve installed it, it will be enabled automatically and you’re good to go.

Via: iPhonehacks

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